Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

February 15, 2010 Revisited: Tips for SYMC...

I am just thinking of a few tips to help you out while you are in Chicago.

TIP #1 Bring your Jack Bauer man bad (or some type of European carry-all). You are going to have your Bible, Participant Journal, Pen, Hotel Key, iPod, Headphones, Cell Phone, Water Bottle, Laptop, Moleskine, Deodorant, Backup Hotel Key, Gum, Chapstick, USB Thumb Drive, Digital Camera...and on top of all that you will need to leave room for all the stuff you pick up and purchase while you are at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. The bookstore might have all Simply and Group products at a discount.

TIP #2 Bring business cards and address stickers. This is a little nerdy and lazy but I hate filling out my address 100 time over the weekend...I have seen people stick a sticker on those forms…complete with Name, Address, Phone, and Email. The business cards are for may want to bring something to hold other peoples cards in so you don't lose them (or take a picture of it with you camera or cell phone and throw the card out).

TIP #3 Know what sessions and workshops you want to hit. With the conference sold out you want to get where you want to go so you get a seat...a good seat. For some of us that means back row aisle, for others that means front and center so I can actually smell Doug Fields. I hear the workshop I am leading on Tech will be in a room for about 60...last year I had over 100 at one session and 75-80 at the other...this means there will be standing room only for some workshop and others may have to turn away people for capacity. Know where you want to go, know how to get there, and show up early.

Hope this helps a little and gets you excited that we are only a few days away form our weekend together.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Complicated...

We are hosting an event at our church...actually we are more than hosting, we are everythinging this event. The one day conference is called "Uncomplicated." Our aim is to simplify sex, love, and relationships. Help us spread the word by sharing this link with an many of your friends as possibility Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


About a month ago I noticed that when I was downloading several large files my router would crash. I am a tech guy, I write tech articles, tech blogs so I figured I can fix this no problem. I reset my router and was on my way. The problem is my home network kept crashing. I was in the process of downloading several video podcast and this network failure was driving me crazy! I would use the download manager that came with Firefox and every time the network went down the files needed to be redownloaded from the beginning (Yes, if I have 500meg of a 600meg file downloaded it would have to start all over again). Then I tried a Firefox extension that would download multiple files at once and when the system went down this extension pick up downloading where it left off...but I would need to be at the computer to "resume" the download...Annoying.

And them came I do not remember how I can across, probably in a Google search but I found what I needed. Their product "Speed Download" worked in every way I needed. It downloads multiple files and will pick up downloading where it left off if I need to close up shop and leave my wifi connection or experience a network failure. "Speed Download" is pretty quick too. I like that if I am downloading several large files that they will be on my computer, complete, when I wake up...not a screen that says Download failed.

I have used their free trial and if you are downloading multiple files at once you should try out "Speed Download" from

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Writting Pause...

I find myself tweeting more than blogging and I find most of what I blog is about things I want to direct people to. So I am going to pause the blog for a while, please follow my twitter account and maybe one day I will revive the blog.

I am also excited about about another writing project. I have been hired to write a tech column in Group Magazine. Column one is in and I am eager to see it in January!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SummerWood Concessions

No concessions tonight due to the concert being brought inside.