Sunday, December 30, 2007


I posted in back in November that the blog will be moving.

Coming in January I will be moving my website. There will still be a but the front page will change and everything will be moved to So please keep visiting, I don't want to lose you.


vlog 31 - sad day

Saturday, December 29, 2007

vlog 30 - snowmen

This has been a fun week with the family. No ministry nights, so I get to have more time with them and with all the snow we spent some of that time outside. I have not made a snowman in years...well, not one that I put any effort into. I think this is Owens first snowman...vlog out.

Friday, December 28, 2007

early winter

Owen and I had so much fun playing in the snow today. Keri came out for a little while to take pictures and watch us get cold and wet. Here are a few pics (6) that I thought were pretty cool from our time outside.

vlog 29 - snowday

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007 at the Schmidt's


If you love free software that you do not have to steal you have got to check out this website. It is filled with open source (non-namerecognizable software) junk that can do just about anything.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What is going on here?

This is either an overzealous hunter without a car or a creepy road kill thief.
I am going with creepy road kill thief since I do not see a gun.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Choo, Choo!

vlog 28 - Dozin'

Owen Daddy Fun Day

Before Miles was born and before Owen started "Mom's Day Out," a sort of pre-school at our church, we would have Fridays to ourselves. We called them "Owen Daddy Fun Days." This Friday Grammy Pammy had Miles and Keri was off to the movies...she saw "P.S. I Love You." She said it is a story about a guy who dies and leaves notes to his wife to help her get through the pain. Boring! This video is probably boring, but it documents our day together...Ladies and Gentlemen I present..."Owen Daddy Fun Day"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HULU - In Beta

I am so excited to begin wasting more time. I really do not have any time to waste but I do have a chance to waste more of it. I have finally been accepted as a member of hulu, an new online TV show viewing software. All I know is only a few stations are using it (NBC, FOX, and few other) and it is ad based. Here is a screen shot of just a few shows available and yes...there are full seasons of the A-Team out here. I will let you know what I think about the service later...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Catalyst 2007

I spent time reading the blogs of people who went to Catalyst 2007, I would love to see a few sessions. Does anyone have access to the DVDs?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Flux Capacitor

Okay, at $220 this is a little overpriced...unless it works.

The 2008 National Youth Ministry Confernence

I am really excited to be part of Groups National Youth Ministry Conference. I will be involved with the conferences affinity groups. If you are a youth worker and are interested check out this site and if you want to hear what is going on behind the scenes and what is coming up check out their blog here.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Have you ever wanted to send someone a file via email but felt that it was too big or wanted to send it to multiple people and did not want to kill your bandwidth? I just found this site called senduit (send you it). I know there are several sites that will store your files and you can even send links to your friends to download but the cool thing about this site is you do not have to register and the file will be deleted after no longer than a week. You can set the link to be good for any where from 30 minutes to 7 days. My mother-in-law wanted me to send her some pics of our kids that she could not find. I uploaded the pics to my server space, and I will have to use up my upload and download allotted bandwidth. Not a big deal because I have several gigs and do not come close to using it all up. If I were maxing my allowance this would be the ideal way to send big files. It is also a ton easier than going through my FTP server...Try itout...just upload your file(s) and when you get your link sent it out. This took a while for the 40meg file I tested and you are limited to files 100meg or smaller but still very cool.


Friday, November 30, 2007

What Blogs Are You Reading?

Here is a list of the almost 100 blogs I read. I manage them all through Google Reader which is a HUGE help. When I get new entries to read all I do if go to the "view all" area and click the "j" to move forward and the "k" to go back. These short cuts save me a huge amount of time. I can go through about 50 blogs in less than 10 minutes...depending on how many I stop to fully read.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Website

Coming in January I will be moving my website. There will still be a but the front page will change and everything will be moved to So please keep visiting, I don't want to lose you.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Old Hat

I love my old Cubs hat, the Cubs never come through but my Cubs hat has been so good to me. What's the deal with hats being so expensive at the mall...they are $25. Don't tell me it is the licensing, Wal*Mart sells licensed MLB hats for like $3-$5. The deal is, my hat smell like a wet dog. And the weird thing need to get a dog wet to get it to stink, my hat stinks all the time. I washed it, and it is still a little yellow/brown and it smells like you rubbed Tide on a wet dog...this time the hat is actually wet. I need a fitted had, so i will suck it up and pay the $25, but I won't like it.

Friday, November 09, 2007


I have never really liked coffee. However, as I spent time with people at places like Starbucks, I began loving this junk. I just wanted to let eveyone know that as this loathing has become an addiction I am being a good steward. This is me with one of my favorite mugs and my Capresso espresso maker. Now a delicious beverage cost pennies vs. dollars. Mmmmm espresso....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Free Switchfoot Song - rebuild

The song is pretty cool and it features Matt from Reliant K. Just sign-up for their newsletter...Here and you can download it for free.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Between 2pm and 5pm tomorrow, October 30th you can go to Taco Bell and get a free taco. AWESOME...THERE ARE LIKE 5 TACO BELLS HERE IN ROCKFORD!!! I may spend more money on gas than I would if I would just go buy 5 tacos, but I cannot resist free stuff.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Favorite CD

I am totally loving this CD. I can't get enough DCB! This is a great mix of slow reflective worship to well done upbeat techno worship (really!) I link you to the Amazon site for this CD if you want to buy or sample the tracks.

Baby Talk...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am getting a new phone!!!!

Ok...I love the iPhone but I am not going to switch to AT&T to get it. They do not have great service here from what people tell me. That and I am hoping that the iPhone will come to Verizon after their 2 year contract with AT&T. In 2 years the phone may be cheaper and or have more memory/storage.

Regardless I just signed a two year agreement with Verizon (see the 2 years, just in time for the iPhone contract to end with AT&T) and picked up the Samsung i760. This phone looks cool, however I will not get it until Monday. So I keep watching this video and pretend I am the one holding the phone, I need to go print out a copy of the phone and tape it on my Motorola Q and pretend it is my new phone.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New Roles...New Bloggs

I was encouraged by one of our high school staff to share some of the cool things that have been going on in our ministry. We just came out of a three week series on “Faith, Hope, and Love” that went great. This was the perfect series to launch the changes that took place in student ministries. It was also a great lead in to an outreach we had last Wednesday night where we crack the 100 (attendance) mark and our fall retreat. No visible first time commitments last Wednesday, but the drama we did was solid and students said it, and the night, had an impact on them. We had 100 staff and students attend fall retreat this weekend...this is pretty cool. The students have been challenged to take ownership of our high school ministry and we have seen the movement toward that already…senior have even been mixing with freshmen…kind of crazy. We had been promoting last night’s gathering for a few weeks. We wanted to put into practice the “community, love, and ownership” that Bob MacRae spoke about at our fall retreat. I was hoping we would not see a drop off…why? When students hear about mixing some stay home thinking it will be lame that junior higers are there, or junior highers some times find coming in this big group kind of scary and they stay home. The two groups together reached over 180 last night…that is a huge jump.

I say all this to let you know I am loving my new role and there is much to get excited about. Please continue praying for our ministry and the work that God is doing. There is much to do, much to plan, creativity to spread, and soul to be won.

Here are the links that are somehow connected to our ministries...
You are at my blog -
Student ministries discipleship coordinator -
Junior high intern blog -
Junior high ministry -
High school ministry -**NEW**)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Best iPhone Accessory EVER!!!!

I do not have an iPhone...yet...but when I get one (if Verizon ever gets smart) I will have all the best accessories and this will be at the top of my list.

The truth is, if I had an iPhone and someone wasted $3 on this set of finger covers I would think they hated me. So, if you know someone who has an iPhone and you want to make them feel dumb, buy these and tell them how important it is to you that they use them all the time.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

thoughts about where I am...

This blog is more for me than any of you. Here are a few things I am thinking about, things on my plate due to the shift/transition in ministry position.

  • The transition from Jr High Director to Student Ministries Pastor has been great.
  • There seems to be more on my plate, but I feel less stressed (for now).
  • There are huge differences between Jr High and Sr High...I knew this, I just keep reminding myself.
  • I am coming off my third meeting with Sr High since I have become their new pastor and I am not sure I know how the students feel about me and the shift.
  • I have had more meetings in the past few days than I have had in a long time, I don't mind meetings as long as they are productive.
  • How do you prioritize things when things that are "low priority" are mandatory?
  • I need to throw things in the trash.
  • I need to make a weekly agenda/schedule.
  • What do our staff (Jr and Sr High) need to be better leaders?
  • What is my part in being used by God to grab the hearts of high school students?
  • What needs to be done to help the high school students take more ownership of their ministry?
  • God help me.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Free Wake-up Call

I am not sure how useful this is but I found a website that allows you to send yourself a wake-up call and when you answer the call you will hear a message that you type to yourself. Again, if you know how to set an alarm on your phone this is really usless...however, if you know you have a meeting that you know will go one forever you might want to have this webpage call you so you can get up an leave. Check it out...useless, yet potential.

New Book...

One of my favorite preachers, Mark Driscoll, just came out with a new book. If you pre order it and are one of the first 1000 you will get a free PDF of the book when it comes out. This is cool if you want to read a book on your computer or print pages from it.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why was this ever ok?

As an elementary student I remember our teacher letting us watch tv programs that were educational like The Letter People and Sesame Street but what the heck was up with Mr. Slim Goodbody? That image has haunted me for years.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It is official!

I have been voted in as a pastor. It was a long meeting due to all the questioning but I felt things went very well. I was encouraged by the questions, the overwhelming support in the voting numbers, the one on one contacts I have had with people after the meeting and since the meeting. I look forward to what God has in store for our student ministries.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Going Back To School?

I know I just finished, but I am feeling the itch to be 100% done. I see a doctorate in my future and I do not know how easy it will be to jump back into school in 5 or so years. Until I saw this...Easy Doctorate...only $299. Count me in...I know what you are thinking, is it really legal? Well, they say right on their home page that it is legal. It has to be is in bold type.

Family Fun

This is a great look from my youngest. Miles has been a bit of a challenge for us, mostly in the sleep area. He loves being held...especially at 3:30 am. We really do not remember much of the past few weeks due to the lack of sleepy sleepy. Anyway, one of the things we hope to remember is that today was Owen's first day of school, kind of... He went to his first day of Mom's Day Out. This is a program kind of like pre-school, but it is a pre-pre-school and also a bible based program so I guess it is pre-pre-Bible-school. Here are some of my favorite pics form our trip to his class. Just click to enlarge.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

20 Chickens In A Big Fun Bag

A friend reminded me of a post I added to the Youth Specialties games forum years ago.

You see, I was looking for a game for our Wednesday night gathering. I came across a game where you get 5 to 10 diapers and chew up or melt 5 to 10 candy bars and place them in the diapers. The students get a game sheet and try guessing the candy bar type (Snickers, MilkyWay, Kit Kat, etc). This sounded pretty fun and pretty funny. However, I continued reading the comments posted about this game and they were ridiculous! Youth pastors across the world were bashing this game saying it did not honor God and that to have a game representing poop was taking our kids down a path that they did not need to go in a church.

This aggrevated me. I mean, come on. If you don't like the game, don't play it with your students. If there is a link to an inappropriate web site or "ad spam", make a comment and get it off, but this was a legitimate game. In my aggrevation, I decided to write a post about a game that I just made up to see if it would be met with the same opposition. All I can say is that some Christians get fired up way too easily...however, I laugh every time I read these posts.

Enjoy...20 Chickens In A Big Fun Bag!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Christmas Ideas for Brandon

1. I need a clip for my sunglasses...with my new eyes I like to wear sun glasses now.

2. The Office season 3 will be out September 4th.

3. Radio controlled flying things

4. And a Bowflex

Saturday, August 25, 2007

iPod Software

I got a call from my friend Josh asking me if I knew how to speed up audio on an mp3 like you can with an audio book. I told him that was a question I wanted an answer for over the past three years but now that my school was over I did not care. See, I would get a book on mp3 or audio cd and rip to mp3 but still had to listen in real time. But when you buy a book for your iPod on say, Audible, you can play at various speeds.

The point...Oh yeah. Here is a link to a free download that converts files for this feature. I still just do not understand why the speed feature is not a choice for every audio file...weird.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Office starts September 27th!!!!

This is too long of a wait, but it will be worth the it...I hope. According to this web page and an interview of some producers, the first four weeks will each be one hour long...

Here is the interview....CLICK

And here is a list of the fall TV launch...CLICK

Click here do download the list in a word DOC or PDF file

If you find a better list/schedule, please post it in the comments.

Friday, August 17, 2007

YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to save a video you found on YouTube? There are ways to do it...for example, you can type the word "kiss" in front of the YouTube web address (right after the www.).

I have downloaded software to do this. I have software to download and another to convert...UNTIL TODAY!!! Try vconvert! This is not even a program to is a website. Just copy and past the URL (the web address) and go.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Favorite Websites...VOL 1

Here are a few of my favorite website and in no particular order. These range from practical work use (useful) to the relax station (just fun). I will try to do a few volumes, i will start with pages I go to everyday.

eMail: not giving address, it is a private site to access my church email I don't remember what "ig" means but it is my home page. This Google pages allows me to set several windows up on one page so I can see local movie times, weather, my RSS feeds through a google reader box (blog catcher), calendar, notes, gmail access, etc...\
digg: Social news network (not always clean)
MySpace: Social Network
hbym: Jr High's website
woot: One day deal
1Sale a Day: One day deal
HSX: Fake stock invest in movies, you start with 2 million. I have been in it for years, I just hit 100 million a few days ago.
Engaget: Tech junk

Monday, August 06, 2007


I love this game, and I am good...well, I am almost 50% which ain't bad. Click this link, enter an email and nickname and then pick a move. I have NEVER received spam from this website, so feel safe. GAME ON!!!

DIY Idea #1

I love DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. you know things I would pay for yet something I can do. The first DIY post was my calender find but I will pretend to start here with DIY #1.

I have about 4 to 7 cords in my backpack at any given moment. iPod USB power cord, iPod car charger, iPod A/V cables, cell phone USB charger, ear buds, etc...I am always untangling these, it is like they unravel in my bag to go make out. It is a pain! Here is a tool I saw and thought about getting, some of my cords have little Velcro strips, and I guess to go free I could use those garbage bag ties and rubber bands. But I have to tell you I keep coming back to that little picture, this device is pretty cool, small, no damage to the cords, etc. TADA...I found a DIY for it. Check out these pics, maybe i9t is something you are interested in doing. Cut a credit card in half, round the corners and make these holes.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

FREE 411...Better than the old free way...

I have 1.800.FREE.411 (1.800.373.3411) programed into my phone. It is pretty cool. If I am driving and I need a number I speed dial and get that number. It is Free...not the $.99 or $1.99 that regular 411 would cost. But today I found an even better service. Why, because with 1.800.FREE.411 you need to listen to 2 or more ads before you get your number. Today I found GOOG411 or 1.800.GOOG.411 (1.800.466.4411). There are no commercials or ads. You just speak to a non-lethal robot, it repeats your listing and then connects you. The only down side is you do not get the number so if you need to call back later you will have to call GOOG411 again. It upside to 1.800.FREE.411 is the number but that is a pain to either remember or write down while you are driving. Try both and see which you like better.

Thanks alot Mike...

Google has shut down it's "click to call" feature due to the antics of those like Mike. It is a sad day when innovation meets people who cannot handle it...brilliance turns into practical jokes.

Read more HERE.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New picture of me...

A friend of mine asked me if I liked the Simpsons...As crude as they may be at times I still have to say i like them, I laugh and laugh...anyway...This friend told me that due to the new Simpsons movie he found a viral marketing website. It is a site that allows you to upload a pic and then the website takes that photo and creates a Simpsons character from that. Here is the pic I gave and there is the pic they created for me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have never been a great organizer...I mean I can get people together, I can align things and people, etc but I have always had a hard time organizing my schedule. I have missed appointments, lost phone numbers, forgot special dates etc. Anyway, I have two links to share with you that will help you get your junk together, one small and everything fits on one sheet of paper the other is or can fit on several pages.

Both are calendars and personal organizers...why are I posting this? It is a huge help and they are both free. I will not go into detail but I will tell you that the pocket mod is almost the size of a business card when folded and yet opens like a book. you can do a ton with this but you are limited to 8 pages...yet one piece of the tutorial to see how to fold.

The second comes from a new web site I found called You ever pay $50 to $100 to way more than $100 to refill your Franklin is an example and this is just a set of Day Planning Pages only and it is $40+. At DIY you can get some awesome planning printouts free, sure you don't get the pretty colors but you get it all for free...if you like you can donate. Click here for the PDF printable templates.

I hope this helps someone....I use my cell phone for all this but there is a time for paper. I have used the pocket mod and i will be printing off the DIY just to see it face to face (vs. just digital). I might choose the half sheets or the index card size just so it could fit in my pocket. Enjoy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

All Day Adventure...

I spent a summer working at an amusement park so you might think I would love to go back and enjoy the park as a patron. Not really. I loved Six Flags for about 7 minutes and then I just started to realize how tired I am. With two boys at home, one a newborn, I really miss sleeping.

Here is my list of pros and cons from an amusement park visit...

Exercise (loads of walking)
Relationships (spending time with your friends)
Pretty Colors (lots to look at)
One Roller Coaster (that is all I have in me...after that I get ill)
Food (not much is good for you and it is all over priced, but I love the Lemon Chill)

Food (leaves your body almost as fast as it goes in)
Exercise (it makes me more sleepy)
Rides (they all make me sick)
All the Prices (tickets, food, parking)
Goofy People are all Over the Park (I wonder what they think when they see me)
Weather (temp, rain, heat, etc.)
Crazy Loud 80's Music
And the annoying guy that stops us every time we pass him so he can take our picture.

Oh well...I guess I like doing this trip so I can spend some time with staff and students in a way that is pretty free and in a place where I can come out of my shell and be a little obnoxious and loud. A good change of pace.

Because of this new edition, maybe Keri and I will take Owen to Six Flags next year. All in all it was a good day...Sylvester's hug made everything okay!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Postings down

I kind of post in spurts and I would like to stop that trend. I started by just posting videos or vlogs, and then I just started posting random comments. I have found this to be a fun release of stress and creativity. As of today, I still am not satisfied with the look of my blog...the brown was kind of cool, but I think I liked it because I was looking forward to getting my espresso machine. Look for a new feel and look in the near future. I like the look of our new junior high page I moved it to a blog type set-up, but still keep links on the side.

I am boring myself with all these ramblings so I better post something of worth.
Here is a new blog I frequent about leadership. The author left a good post about being a good blogger...I am not a good blogger.

It sounds like the borderlands podcast, the inprocess podcast, is dead or dying. We had hundreds of subscribers and now we have dropped from the top 100 on the podomatic religion top podcasts. I tell you that because now my blog may be the spot for my random tech links and downloads. Stay tuned...

Well...I hope I did not waste any of your time. I just wanted to post to let you know I am alive and well, Keri is doing great and Owen loves his new brother Miles. BTW, Miles is over 10 lbs...we had a great visit to the pediatrician today (Miles is gaining 1.5 oz. a day).

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Tis the season. Miles was born July 3rd, today is my birthday, and my sister's is July 7th. Maybe she should buy a lottery ticket on her big day...07-07-07 just sounds like a lucky number. Miles has received quite a few gifts so I would say he did pretty well. As for me, I scored a sweet Cubs hat and shirt from JT, Coffee from Owen, Ice Cream Cake from the Dave and Pam (Keri's Parents), and a Mini-Van.