Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beware of the Dog..."In Me"

Wow...I have not written a blog or recorded a Vlog in months. I have been uber busy. To get you up to speed; classes are coming to an end (2 weeks), Keri is BIG and ready to pop out a baby but she is not due until June 30, Owen is crazy fun (2 yrs old), church is a load of business, youth ministry has been going strong, our junior high group is a lot of fun, our mission trip training is beginning soon, and I need a vacation...badly.

Group Magazine gave me a call-back and I will be doing one of their final GML (Group Magazine Live) Workshops. This is great! I will be off to Sandston, VA at the end of next month. These youth ministry training workshops have been really good., both for me and those attending.

And finally our junior high youth ministry begins a new four week series tomorrow called "Beware of the Dog..."In Me." We are drawing the comparison between dogs and us. You know those Beware of the Dog signs; living behind the sign is a bog ready to rip your arms off. Are very different? We were born sinner, we bit people verbally (sometimes I just bit people with my teeth), how obedient are we, and finally we know dogs love to eat their own vomit, why? Are we protecting ourselves from all those dogs we run into in this world? Or are we the dogs?

Blog out...