Thursday, March 08, 2007

PAUSE(youth ministry) - UNPAUSE(wii)

Okay, today I am doing a little home work but the church button is on pause, I am not checking email or going in at all today but I will take a few breaks and play video games...I have loved video games from the days of Atari. Actually I just gave my old original Atari and about 50 games to good will 3 years ago...just saw that they were selling well on eBay...grrrrrr! Anyway, I have to give some props to the Nintendo Wii. I have been a Sony Playstation guy but he PS3 is too pricey and I just do not want an Xbox (unless it is free). Both of those systems are way better in the graphic department and other than the infamous Zelda there are really not great action games for the Wii like there are for the Xbox and PS3. However I am hooked on the Wii, it's remote is awesome, you are living in the game and you get a workout in the process. If you have never played you need to try! Also the price is about $200-$500 cheaper than the other systems. you can see in my picture that I bowled a 712 in the training area...super fun! I bowled a 768 as a guest...when I found out it did not save because i was a guest I was flipping out. Anyway, if you want a Wii...good luck in finding one. But if you have one and are looking to turn your video game vegging into a worthwhile workout check out these 2 blogs. Guy loses 9lbs in 30 days just by playing Wii sports. And this guy created a whole website devoted to a Wii weight loss program. If anyone know of any awesome games that get you moving please drop a note on the blog here and maybe a link the game. I hear there may be a "Wii Fitness" game coming out soon. That would be awesome.