Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Erin phoned in...

Just got off the phone with Erin. She told me that the trip has been awesome. There have been teachable moments but that is expected and the trip is still everything we hoped for. Today is the day our teams share the Gospel one on one for the first time. This is something we take very seriously and something we have taken time to practice. Pray for our teachers and all the small groups as this is the reason we go (Matthew 28:19).

Erin also said students have been stepping up left and right…I don’t want to spoil any stories for next Wednesday when we have our report (Please come and bring friends and family - 6:30-8:00 June 20) but it is always encouraging to hear how students like Kayla H. and Corrine H. have been proactive about getting ministry arranged and ready without being asked. I love seeing students step up!

I also heard that David S. was sitting with some VBS kids that did not have any money to put in the offering, so he pulled some money out of his own wallet and gave it to them so they had something to put in the plate as it passed by. It is great catching kids doing cool things.

I hope to have some pics to share with you later tonight or tomorrow. Have a great day parents…know God is doing a great work in and through your kids!

Bonus Links:

Here is Wednesday's devotional for those who have been following along.

Cannot get really close but you can get an idea of where your students are...

Bethanna Baptist Church from the sky

Bulan Community Church from the sky

Cody Bible Church from the sky