Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I have been shopping for an espresso machine for about a year now. I knew I did not have any money to buy one but I thought if the day ever came I would at least know what I wanted. I actually bought one a few months ago and returned it. It was a toy and not a very good toy mind you. It was $25 at Wal*mart. I thought why not...I found out why not.

I have a few friends at Starbucks and they might be able to hook me up with an employee discount but I want the best. they have good machines, but I cannot afford the $1200-$1500 automatics that they sell...even with the discount.

However this is the glorious monster I would like to own. I got a few gifts of cash and I was told the most significant portion was specifically for an espresso machine. Currently i do not have the financial backing for what is pictured but I have a great start. This guy is $1000+ but what a machine. Automatic, self cleaning, I think it even has a milk attachment so I never have to froth if I don't want to. The cool thing about this guy is I can get it for even better than the Starbucks discount (see the company perks chart). I have a good friend who is a wholesaler and he knows a guy who sells this beauty wholesale (see how the money things is working out...WHOLESALE!!!!!). I have to take a trip in to Chicago, but if I get a super deal on it it will be totally worth it! I will let you know how it all goes. And no...I will not hook you up with my wholesale connection to don't ask;)