Monday, June 04, 2007

I have GREAT friends!

Today I was truly surprised. A "congratulations, hey you are finally done with school" party was held for me at the Pizza Ranch. I had no idea! I went out to eat with my parents today and they said where do you want to go. I said Pizza Ranch, Keri said it was too far, I said pizza buffet at Happy Joe's, I was told they ate there already, I said Giordano's, they said it would take too long...I WANTED PIZZA but I ws able to give in. Finally I said Potbelly's. This was the winner. They had been there this weekend but my dad said subs sounded good. Keri kept pushing away from the pizza junk...I did not know why, I did not really care but it all came together later in the night.
Anyway, Keri calls me at 4:30 to see if I wanted to do dinner with her parents at the Pizza Ranch and I instantly said yes. But I told her I could not be home until 5:30. I did not know this but she loved that...she knew we could not arrive until 6:00...she was thinking of some way to stall me, but I did it myself. Weird. Anyway, we finally arrive and the place is jam packed and I saw one empty table in the back, so I make my way to it and Keri starts opening the door to the private room. I noticed that the room was dark, closed off and a big sign saying "RESERVED." I said what are you doing...the room is reserved, we can't go in there...I thought she was crazy.
As she opened the door of this very dark room my mother-in-law kind of blocked my way so I had to kind of peek in and I saw a few faces. I am thinking...Keri, you got to shut that door, people are hiding for some surprise party and we are going to ruin it for them. Then the lights came on and a ton of people yelled SURPRISE!!!! And I thought what the heck have we done now...they yelled for the wrong people...then I realized I knew everyone. It was for me and I fell for everything that happened all day long.
Anyway, I am not usually this confused. I just have notthought of graduating from seminary with my masters as a huge deal. I mean I know it's pretty cool, but I also did not expect all the grand celebration. Thanks to everyone for coming and to those who put it together and for making me feel special.