Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Wal*Mart...

9:00 a.m.
Just got a call from Erin as she was making a Wall*Mart run. Cody Bible Church built new bathrooms in the church and Erin said those took up a significant portion of where the older students met for VBS. So she was out buying a canopy so the teens could meet out in the hot sun. We have not used our canopy for 8 years so we just donated it to someone 2 years ago...bummer!

I needed to talk to the camp director at Calvary Campus to get some information I needed on my end and He just wanted to say thanks for al the kids are doing. He said they are doing a great job.

Just a reminder, if you or a relative want to send your special student a note just send it to heartbeat@firstfreerockford.org with your students name as the subject.

As for today’s devotional thought…just remember sometime we have to dredge through stuff that is not always exciting to get to the stuff God has for us.