Friday, June 15, 2007

On the road

The teams have all left the camp and are at their VBS churches. This is a big step, the students packed and cleaned up everything. All the luggage has been packed up and the trailer was loaded this morning for work projects. After that the work projects turned to cleaning the camp; Kitchen, Bedrooms, Restrooms, Meeting Room, etc... Before they closed up their luggage the students packed their backpacks for the rest of the day, night and for travel tomorrow. After showers, lunch, ans stepping in the vans they are kind of homeless. They will finish their VBS today, send kids home, clean the churches and when the staff everything looks good all the teams meet in the Wal*Mart parking lot. Once all the teams show up they all caravan to the hotel for the night, letting drivers get a good nights sleep and a shower with a little privacy.

The students will be ready for pickup around 7pm Saturday. If you want to get there around that time GREAT! But please understand that students will not be excused until all the unloading and cleaning is complete. If you show up you may be asked to help, which could be fine with the team. Once we are in a good place with all the particulars students will begin calling home.

Parents, please start a load of laundry Saturday night. We have been asked to show up Sunday morning, in our VBS shirts to be prayed for as part of our summer mission team commissioning. We will do this at the beginning of each service Sunday morning. If you cannot be there we understand, but please try and please have a clean VBS shirt on.

Same for Wednesday would be great to see you in your VBS shirts at the Kentucky report night.

And finally I wanted to drop you the final devotional of the week. See you all tomorrow. I will post again if I hear form the team.