Thursday, June 14, 2007


Today the students are going to sleep in a bit, probably still waking earlier than they would if they were at home, but as missions trips go they are sleeping in. Today they will:

Drive to the park/creek
Have a baptism ceremony
Head back to camp for a little free time/ clean up time
Do lunch at Pizza Hut
The famous souvenir shopping at Wal*Mart (I think this is today)
Then off to VBS
Dinner Debriefing
Free Time/Camp fire

The little down time is appreciated and the Pizza Hut is a blessing. All the grease and caffeine has been coming to them in limited supply. This is just the boost they need for their little bodies to make it through the rest of the week. Which reminds me of a story, but all I will say it when you are getting a salad at the Pizza Hut buffet try not mixing up the pudding with catalina dressing.

The baptisms this morning will be a really cool experience. We have always done them at the pool at the old camp we stayed at. Last year we went back to the creek, something they did 10 years ago, and it was awesome.
Worship in song
Verbal Challenge (What is baptism and Why do we do it?)
Worship in song
Closing prayer

I know the parents that have students being baptized wish they could be there to see it live. Let me say I am with you this year. I miss being on this trip and today is no exception. The baptism service is one of my favorite moments on this trip. I guess the encouragement to the parents that are missing this is that even though it would be great to be there live and have them do this in the sanctuary, this experience is an amazing one for our kids.

Things to pray for:

Pray for good conversations, with yesterday being the day the Gospel was shared we want to see great connections.

Pray the Pizza Hut will have room for them and the other customers will not get angry at our group or Pizza Hut because of the size of our group.

Pray for kids attitudes. As the week winds down it is easier to get cranky and short with others.

Pray the leaders would continue to lead well and that the students would be great listeners and servants.