Friday, June 29, 2007

Two Important Things..

First, let me say for the few of you that are reading my blog and waiting for a baby post, this is the first one. The baby is a boy, so far super healthy, and still inside Keri. She is due tomorrow so we are not freaking out, but Keri is more than ready to be 7lbs 6oz lighter. Just can guess too. Let's see how close we come to a correct weight. For the baby that is.

Second...I am happy to be here with Keri in these final days and I would not consider anything else. However, I am sad to be missing my brother's wedding tomorrow. So let me say Bro...I love you and I am sad that I am going to miss your big day, but please remember this one thing for me. Bend a little at the knees, don't lock will want to, but don't. This helps circulation and therefore helps you to not faint. Love you man...have a great day...and a GREAT NIGHT...wink.