Friday, July 20, 2007

All Day Adventure...

I spent a summer working at an amusement park so you might think I would love to go back and enjoy the park as a patron. Not really. I loved Six Flags for about 7 minutes and then I just started to realize how tired I am. With two boys at home, one a newborn, I really miss sleeping.

Here is my list of pros and cons from an amusement park visit...

Exercise (loads of walking)
Relationships (spending time with your friends)
Pretty Colors (lots to look at)
One Roller Coaster (that is all I have in me...after that I get ill)
Food (not much is good for you and it is all over priced, but I love the Lemon Chill)

Food (leaves your body almost as fast as it goes in)
Exercise (it makes me more sleepy)
Rides (they all make me sick)
All the Prices (tickets, food, parking)
Goofy People are all Over the Park (I wonder what they think when they see me)
Weather (temp, rain, heat, etc.)
Crazy Loud 80's Music
And the annoying guy that stops us every time we pass him so he can take our picture.

Oh well...I guess I like doing this trip so I can spend some time with staff and students in a way that is pretty free and in a place where I can come out of my shell and be a little obnoxious and loud. A good change of pace.

Because of this new edition, maybe Keri and I will take Owen to Six Flags next year. All in all it was a good day...Sylvester's hug made everything okay!