Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have never been a great organizer...I mean I can get people together, I can align things and people, etc but I have always had a hard time organizing my schedule. I have missed appointments, lost phone numbers, forgot special dates etc. Anyway, I have two links to share with you that will help you get your junk together, one small and everything fits on one sheet of paper the other is or can fit on several pages.

Both are calendars and personal organizers...why are I posting this? It is a huge help and they are both free. I will not go into detail but I will tell you that the pocket mod is almost the size of a business card when folded and yet opens like a book. you can do a ton with this but you are limited to 8 pages...yet one piece of the tutorial to see how to fold.

The second comes from a new web site I found called You ever pay $50 to $100 to way more than $100 to refill your Franklin is an example and this is just a set of Day Planning Pages only and it is $40+. At DIY you can get some awesome planning printouts free, sure you don't get the pretty colors but you get it all for free...if you like you can donate. Click here for the PDF printable templates.

I hope this helps someone....I use my cell phone for all this but there is a time for paper. I have used the pocket mod and i will be printing off the DIY just to see it face to face (vs. just digital). I might choose the half sheets or the index card size just so it could fit in my pocket. Enjoy.