Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Christmas Ideas for Brandon

1. I need a clip for my sunglasses...with my new eyes I like to wear sun glasses now.

2. The Office season 3 will be out September 4th.

3. Radio controlled flying things

4. And a Bowflex

Saturday, August 25, 2007

iPod Software

I got a call from my friend Josh asking me if I knew how to speed up audio on an mp3 like you can with an audio book. I told him that was a question I wanted an answer for over the past three years but now that my school was over I did not care. See, I would get a book on mp3 or audio cd and rip to mp3 but still had to listen in real time. But when you buy a book for your iPod on say, Audible, you can play at various speeds.

The point...Oh yeah. Here is a link to a free download that converts files for this feature. I still just do not understand why the speed feature is not a choice for every audio file...weird.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Office starts September 27th!!!!

This is too long of a wait, but it will be worth the it...I hope. According to this web page and an interview of some producers, the first four weeks will each be one hour long...

Here is the interview....CLICK

And here is a list of the fall TV launch...CLICK

Click here do download the list in a word DOC or PDF file

If you find a better list/schedule, please post it in the comments.

Friday, August 17, 2007

YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to save a video you found on YouTube? There are ways to do it...for example, you can type the word "kiss" in front of the YouTube web address (right after the www.).

I have downloaded software to do this. I have software to download and another to convert...UNTIL TODAY!!! Try vconvert! This is not even a program to is a website. Just copy and past the URL (the web address) and go.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Favorite Websites...VOL 1

Here are a few of my favorite website and in no particular order. These range from practical work use (useful) to the relax station (just fun). I will try to do a few volumes, i will start with pages I go to everyday.

eMail: not giving address, it is a private site to access my church email I don't remember what "ig" means but it is my home page. This Google pages allows me to set several windows up on one page so I can see local movie times, weather, my RSS feeds through a google reader box (blog catcher), calendar, notes, gmail access, etc...\
digg: Social news network (not always clean)
MySpace: Social Network
hbym: Jr High's website
woot: One day deal
1Sale a Day: One day deal
HSX: Fake stock invest in movies, you start with 2 million. I have been in it for years, I just hit 100 million a few days ago.
Engaget: Tech junk

Monday, August 06, 2007


I love this game, and I am good...well, I am almost 50% which ain't bad. Click this link, enter an email and nickname and then pick a move. I have NEVER received spam from this website, so feel safe. GAME ON!!!

DIY Idea #1

I love DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. you know things I would pay for yet something I can do. The first DIY post was my calender find but I will pretend to start here with DIY #1.

I have about 4 to 7 cords in my backpack at any given moment. iPod USB power cord, iPod car charger, iPod A/V cables, cell phone USB charger, ear buds, etc...I am always untangling these, it is like they unravel in my bag to go make out. It is a pain! Here is a tool I saw and thought about getting, some of my cords have little Velcro strips, and I guess to go free I could use those garbage bag ties and rubber bands. But I have to tell you I keep coming back to that little picture, this device is pretty cool, small, no damage to the cords, etc. TADA...I found a DIY for it. Check out these pics, maybe i9t is something you are interested in doing. Cut a credit card in half, round the corners and make these holes.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

FREE 411...Better than the old free way...

I have 1.800.FREE.411 (1.800.373.3411) programed into my phone. It is pretty cool. If I am driving and I need a number I speed dial and get that number. It is Free...not the $.99 or $1.99 that regular 411 would cost. But today I found an even better service. Why, because with 1.800.FREE.411 you need to listen to 2 or more ads before you get your number. Today I found GOOG411 or 1.800.GOOG.411 (1.800.466.4411). There are no commercials or ads. You just speak to a non-lethal robot, it repeats your listing and then connects you. The only down side is you do not get the number so if you need to call back later you will have to call GOOG411 again. It upside to 1.800.FREE.411 is the number but that is a pain to either remember or write down while you are driving. Try both and see which you like better.

Thanks alot Mike...

Google has shut down it's "click to call" feature due to the antics of those like Mike. It is a sad day when innovation meets people who cannot handle it...brilliance turns into practical jokes.

Read more HERE.