Monday, August 06, 2007

DIY Idea #1

I love DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. you know things I would pay for yet something I can do. The first DIY post was my calender find but I will pretend to start here with DIY #1.

I have about 4 to 7 cords in my backpack at any given moment. iPod USB power cord, iPod car charger, iPod A/V cables, cell phone USB charger, ear buds, etc...I am always untangling these, it is like they unravel in my bag to go make out. It is a pain! Here is a tool I saw and thought about getting, some of my cords have little Velcro strips, and I guess to go free I could use those garbage bag ties and rubber bands. But I have to tell you I keep coming back to that little picture, this device is pretty cool, small, no damage to the cords, etc. TADA...I found a DIY for it. Check out these pics, maybe i9t is something you are interested in doing. Cut a credit card in half, round the corners and make these holes.