Monday, August 13, 2007

Favorite Websites...VOL 1

Here are a few of my favorite website and in no particular order. These range from practical work use (useful) to the relax station (just fun). I will try to do a few volumes, i will start with pages I go to everyday.

eMail: not giving address, it is a private site to access my church email I don't remember what "ig" means but it is my home page. This Google pages allows me to set several windows up on one page so I can see local movie times, weather, my RSS feeds through a google reader box (blog catcher), calendar, notes, gmail access, etc...\
digg: Social news network (not always clean)
MySpace: Social Network
hbym: Jr High's website
woot: One day deal
1Sale a Day: One day deal
HSX: Fake stock invest in movies, you start with 2 million. I have been in it for years, I just hit 100 million a few days ago.
Engaget: Tech junk