Friday, October 26, 2007

New Roles...New Bloggs

I was encouraged by one of our high school staff to share some of the cool things that have been going on in our ministry. We just came out of a three week series on “Faith, Hope, and Love” that went great. This was the perfect series to launch the changes that took place in student ministries. It was also a great lead in to an outreach we had last Wednesday night where we crack the 100 (attendance) mark and our fall retreat. No visible first time commitments last Wednesday, but the drama we did was solid and students said it, and the night, had an impact on them. We had 100 staff and students attend fall retreat this weekend...this is pretty cool. The students have been challenged to take ownership of our high school ministry and we have seen the movement toward that already…senior have even been mixing with freshmen…kind of crazy. We had been promoting last night’s gathering for a few weeks. We wanted to put into practice the “community, love, and ownership” that Bob MacRae spoke about at our fall retreat. I was hoping we would not see a drop off…why? When students hear about mixing some stay home thinking it will be lame that junior higers are there, or junior highers some times find coming in this big group kind of scary and they stay home. The two groups together reached over 180 last night…that is a huge jump.

I say all this to let you know I am loving my new role and there is much to get excited about. Please continue praying for our ministry and the work that God is doing. There is much to do, much to plan, creativity to spread, and soul to be won.

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