Sunday, December 09, 2007

Have you ever wanted to send someone a file via email but felt that it was too big or wanted to send it to multiple people and did not want to kill your bandwidth? I just found this site called senduit (send you it). I know there are several sites that will store your files and you can even send links to your friends to download but the cool thing about this site is you do not have to register and the file will be deleted after no longer than a week. You can set the link to be good for any where from 30 minutes to 7 days. My mother-in-law wanted me to send her some pics of our kids that she could not find. I uploaded the pics to my server space, and I will have to use up my upload and download allotted bandwidth. Not a big deal because I have several gigs and do not come close to using it all up. If I were maxing my allowance this would be the ideal way to send big files. It is also a ton easier than going through my FTP server...Try itout...just upload your file(s) and when you get your link sent it out. This took a while for the 40meg file I tested and you are limited to files 100meg or smaller but still very cool.