Friday, January 04, 2008


I know it is illegal to put video with a copyright out on youtube but that does not stop the public from doing it... Since the content is out there I search for it. I love watching funny clips of The Office, or a good parody, maybe a music video I have wanted to see or one I have not seen for years.

Anyway there are tons of uses for youtube but the one Owen, my oldest, and I use together most often is searching for clips of his favorite tv shows. Owen Loves the Backyardigans and while searching we found the show opening, he loves that song, it makes him so happy. After we watched the show opening we started clicking on other Backyardigans clips and we found the opening Spanish. Same song, voices sound close to the original, and the cartoon was similar but Owen had no idea what was going on...

Owen can now count to 5 in thing you know he will be eating at Taco Bell.