Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last Teaching Series

Thought I would share about our most recent series. It was actually one of our strongest and why wouldn't it be...we spent three weeks on dating and sex. Here was our schedule:

Week one: Played the dating game...yeah, just like the game show. This was what we opened the series with (played two games - one girl player one guy player) and then my wife and I took the couples on a triple date. We brought a guy to video everything and then we played the video in week 2.

Week two: Very funny and yet the message spoke to our student's hearts. We spent our time in 2 Tim 2:22...we date for a ton of reasons but we really must pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace. Here are two of the videos we played in week two.

Week three: The sex talk. If you are ever looking for a guy to bring into your church, camp, retreat, bring me. But if you are looking for another guy bring in Greg Speck. Greg is a well known speaker and author. He has two great books; Living for Jesus Beyond the Spiritual High and Sex: It's Worth Waiting For. I need to thank Greg for allowing God to use him. this series really impacted our group. Here are some links to his books and a video we played showed. Parents, you may want to consider picking up the sex book and do some follow-up.

Click here for the video. Reshape your web browser to a square size and the video will look better.