Friday, February 22, 2008

Links We Talked About 1

Sorry Mac users...not much for you here...maybe next post.

We spent a lot of time talking about MediaShout (MS). You can get a great deal on the full version from Simply Youth. The price is normally $430 but you can get it from them for $379 and it includes about $200 worth of additional media...If you are going to get MS you would be crazy to let this pass you buy. You can learn MS buy buying this training DVD or by walking through the FREE tutorial that comes with your product...the free tutorial is pretty good.

This is not the most current list but here is a comparison chart I found that shows several different presentation software packages available. CLICK HERE.

Somethings not listed is Spice Rack. I do not know much about it but you can read their site..this is FREEWARE (and in betta, meaning still a little buggy). I have not used it because I am pretty dedicated to MS. If you use it let me know what you think. Here is/was a free resource for Mac users..iWorship...again, don't know much about it but check it out. Do your homework and get what is best for your do not want to switch around every month. This will get annoying with free stuff and costly with the pay stuff. Look for the free trials of the pay stuff, try before you buy.

If you absolutely need to go FREE, go with a proven product like Easislide or Open Song that has been around for a while.

Make your own countdown clocks...$35...CLICK HERE

What to read is an interesting blog post about some of he stuff we are talking about.