Saturday, February 23, 2008

Links We Talked About 2

There are a ton of sites like these that are filled with great videos
You can download them (that is a different lesson you and I will have to go through) The quality is not awesome but kids watch these sites so much I do not think it really matters...especially when you preface the video with, "I found this on youtube, take a look." For example take 60 seconds to watch this video I found on youtube, I used it during the dating talk and the students went crazy.

Ways to download youtube videos:

Movie Clip Downloads:
(you can pay a subscription fee for better quality...but why, the clips look good to me when they are projected) Like wingclips put I have not used it...may not be free

PAY PER DOWNLOAD SITES - you can watch the videos before you pay for them, some are good...most stink, that said it is still worth the look. (not movies, just company made spiritual videos) (not movies, just company made spiritual videos) (I use this, $150 for a year and you get the buffet vs pay per download...if you only want a few videos it is cheaper to get what you need)

VIDEO ILLUSTRATION SITE - No actual video, just ideas...this is $35 a year - current movies talked about but if you cannot find the clip the info can be hard to would start a talk with, "have you seen (MOVIE) in the theaters yet?" Then use their info. That said they have hundreds of illustrations of videos on DVD.

LOOKING FOR PICTURES FOR YOUR POWERPOINTS? - we should talk about how to use this (FREE).