Sunday, February 24, 2008

Links We Talked About 3 - Graphics

Here are some no-cost and/or low-cost resources for getting pictures and graphics to use in your ministry. You will need to check on the copyright when you grab pics that are not from stock photo sites and pics that are not royalty free.

These two are my favorite:
After searching go through the images, choose advance and see the other options for setting your usage.
Sign up for a free Flickr account and join this group and you will see all the images. i do not understand why but if you are not logged in and not a member of their group you do not see all their pics.

Here are some others...Please add links that you have discovered.

I have not checked these sites but they claim to have lists of free stock photos:

If you are just looking for some solid backgrounds
for your media presentations you can't go wrong HERE. The images are solid and the price is good.
Premier Background Images Vol. 1
Premier Background Images Vol. 2

You can find other media related ministry things here:

Here is a bonus link...this seems to be the best font site (mac and pc)