Friday, March 21, 2008

ACAC Friday Night Retreat Meeting

Thought you might enjoy a video of what kept us
from the hotel conference room on Friday night.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Confession...

This is kind of a big deal, when some of you hear this you will be shocked. But I need to come out and say confession is that I am officially a fruit...there I said it, A FRUIT!!!!!!! Well, not just any fruit, an apple to be exact. I have crossed over. The truth is I am sick of Windows and I needed to cross over. The switch to Apple (or to the in MacBook Pro...I have the center one) was easy and hard. Easy because I am sick of Windows crashing or lagging or needing a hard reboot, etc. Hard because the Mac does not have the greatest Bible software and all my presentations/speaking stuff are in MediaShout (MS) and MS has decided to NOT go Mac. I will be getting Final Cut Studio 2 soon to do video editing (I did not pay $1300 for it, I needed to say that so Keri does not freak out when she reads this...actually I would freak out if I paid that). I purchased VMware Fusion...this is amazing, it runs Windows XP (so I can use my Bible software) and it integrates the two OS's well. However, it does not run MediaShout well...I needed to load up Bootcamp to get MS to work. Well I have to go...they are boarding my flight.

Homeward Bound

What a fun weekend, I had a great time with all the ACAC Middle School Students and staff but I am ready to get home and see my wife and the boys. I am sitting in the Pittsburgh airport using their free wifi. This is cool for 2 reasons: first because I have been here for three hours and this helped me pass the time and second I was able to video chat with my family. By the time I get home, the boys will be in bed so it was great seeing them tonight. Here are two pics from the video I was watching.

I love you guys...I will be home soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ACAC Retreat - BLUR

The retreat for ACAC is going great. One of the students came up to me tonight and said, "That was a good preach tonight." I was honored. Tonight I shared the gospel and the group seemed to be listening well. I trust the message was clear and I look forward to hearing from the leaders tomorrow as to how well their small groups went. We are off to the YMCA in about 15 minutes. I will be heading back after the group picture but they will be there until 2am.

By the way, we had our first session at the church because we did not have a room to meet in at the hotel. The first session went great, kids laughed, the word was strong, worship was solid (thanks band for learning the new song), and the games were fun. But it still left me with the question, "Why did we not have a room?" Well, of the student ministry pastors said the hotel was booked. When we got there I found out it was booked by the FNW. Here is a pic and I will send a video soon.

Friday, March 14, 2008


I am sitting in a great coffee shop getting some good God time and quiet time before I head into a middle school winter retreat (their theme is BLUR..ha ha ha, PittsBLURgh, I am so funny). I love spending time with middle schoolers, but I feel like I am cheating on my group of junior highers because I am not getting to spend as much time with them as I use to. I miss you Rockford!

Anyway, I will post some pictures of the youth ministry here, people I met at the airport, and I need to do a public apology and confession...the confession is kind of a big deal so I want to leave time to write it out correctly. Keep coming back throughout the weekend.