Friday, November 21, 2008


I received an amazing gift this week. Someone sent me an Amazon Kindle! This is one of the cooled and most useful gadgets I have seen in a long time. Chiropractors around the world are hating this because it is causing people put put less books in their backpack saving back stress.
  • I can buy books form amazing (so far I have not seen anything over $9.99 that I would want)
  • I can highlight a section and add a note to that section or any section and then download what I had highlighted and written...this will be great for leadership training, I can send out some great quotes and not forget where they were (because they are saved and downloadable) and I do not have to spend time typing, I just copy and past!
  • I can upload a .txt document and take it on the road with me (maybe illustrations of my sermon notes and practice...I cannot change them but I can add note and highlight areas I need to give attention to) or I can use mobipocket (PC only) that converts a word DOC, PDF, HTML, a kindle file. I am not sure the difference yet but I will try and see what this software can do. I can also email files to my Kindle with that cost 10 cents...I am not sure why I would do this when I can dump a .txt file on for free...I will probably try it though to see what happens.
  • There are other cool features like basic web...yes, I can brows the web anywhere for FREE, not great graphics but FREE! I can use it as an MP3 player, and there is a feature called send in a question and they will research it for you. Don't let one of your students get hold of this or watch out high school term papers.
I am really excited about the future or reading with my Kindle! Thank you who ever sent this to me, it will be used often.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot the quote of the week.

I was telling my wife about the Kindle and explaining what it actually was and she said, "That does not sound like a Brandon gift why would someone think to give you that?" My intern said, "Really? It is screams Brandon except for the reading part."

Little do they all know, I am very literate. Great gift...THANK YOU...