Saturday, March 28, 2009

24 and Strengths Finder...

As many of you know I am a fan of "24." Jack Bauer is was a cool fight scene two weeks ago ending with a screw driver in the bad guys chest...Jack then pulled it out of the guys chest to start a truck that he needed to steal. You may also know that I am a fan of Strengths Finder test from "Now, Discover Your Strengths" and the cheapest way to take the test is to buy "Strengths Finder 2.0" and right now I am reading "Strengths Based Leadership" (I like the way they present your strengths in four domains of leadership). Anyway, I really appreciated the input one of my seminary professors gave me using the Strengths Finder and Myers-Briggs profiles...I liked it so much that I want to learn how to assess and profile people for their benefit and growth. That said, the way to learn is to practice so I am going to take a shot at assessing what Jack Bauer's Strengths Finder would be. Here goes...

WOO - This stands for "Winning Others Over". I see that Jack loves the challenge of meeting new people. He gets great satisfaction from breaking the tension in the room (maybe tension he created but still...) and making connections with others.

Realtor - It is easy to tell that Jack enjoys getting close to others. He clearly is loyal to his country and finds deep satisfaction in working hard with others to achieve the goal set before him.

Positivity - Jack is contagious. People are always after him on "24" and my friends are always talking about him (I hope J. Crew starts to sell that man bag he carried). He is able to get others fired up about what they are doing or going to do.

Harmony - When I watch "24" I can clearly see that Jack does not like conflict; he is quick to put an end to any dispute...with force if he has to. Jack looks for consensus…even thought he mostly makes decision on his own, he almost always agrees with himself.

Empathy - Jack has good discernment and can sense the feelings of others. Jack almost always knows what others are feeling or are going to be feeling before they themselves know.

Thanks for giving me this shot...I am growing and hope to nail the art of assessing soon.