Monday, October 05, 2009


I like iTunes…all the music I buy I get digitally. I would go there every Tuesday and see what the latest releases were and maybe even make a purchase. Then I found that I could get the same music at for less money. I like spending less money. For instant I wanted the new Hawk Nelson release and it was $10 on iTunes but Amazon was running a sale on release day for $4. Same with the latest U2 release “No Line On The Horizon” Amazon had it for around $3, iTunes was around $10 and I saw it at Starbucks for around $15.

As much as I like iTunes and Amazon they are not the best at letting me know when music I like is coming out. Sure they have sections with what is coming out but nothing great. For this, I left iTunes and have been using a site called NEW RELEASE TUESDAY. They are pretty current and are full of information. Their niche is Christian music and they do a good job of keeping everything up-to-date.

Some features I really like at the FREE downloads and the full album previews. I was listening to the David Crowder Band’s new release Church Music a week before it was released. They add a few radio bumpers in the stream but it was not a big deal. I do find the site a bit busy, kind of cluttered and it is clear they are selling adds to keep the site up but I guess that is business. There are links to purchase music from each artist and the prices are reasonable but I buy all my music digitally, but if you want a hard copy make sure you price shop this site against Amazon and Wal-Mart.

The site has some other cool features beyond what I listed, like a new release list and coming soon list that reaches several months out. A huge list of Christian artists with a link to a good bio, twitter page (if they have one), headlines, upcoming events, music videos, and artist links for each artist. A lot of work is put in to this site.

Check it out and register by clicking the link below…if I get enough refer-a-friend points I might get a fancy t-shirt.

The cool things:
Free Music
Album Previews
Artist Info
Release Dates

The not cool things:
Feels busy (too much going on)
Do not have digital downloads, Buy MP3’s from Amazon
I have never seen “Live Support” online (could just be me)