Wednesday, December 01, 2010


About a month ago I noticed that when I was downloading several large files my router would crash. I am a tech guy, I write tech articles, tech blogs so I figured I can fix this no problem. I reset my router and was on my way. The problem is my home network kept crashing. I was in the process of downloading several video podcast and this network failure was driving me crazy! I would use the download manager that came with Firefox and every time the network went down the files needed to be redownloaded from the beginning (Yes, if I have 500meg of a 600meg file downloaded it would have to start all over again). Then I tried a Firefox extension that would download multiple files at once and when the system went down this extension pick up downloading where it left off...but I would need to be at the computer to "resume" the download...Annoying.

And them came I do not remember how I can across, probably in a Google search but I found what I needed. Their product "Speed Download" worked in every way I needed. It downloads multiple files and will pick up downloading where it left off if I need to close up shop and leave my wifi connection or experience a network failure. "Speed Download" is pretty quick too. I like that if I am downloading several large files that they will be on my computer, complete, when I wake up...not a screen that says Download failed.

I have used their free trial and if you are downloading multiple files at once you should try out "Speed Download" from

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Writting Pause...

I find myself tweeting more than blogging and I find most of what I blog is about things I want to direct people to. So I am going to pause the blog for a while, please follow my twitter account and maybe one day I will revive the blog.

I am also excited about about another writing project. I have been hired to write a tech column in Group Magazine. Column one is in and I am eager to see it in January!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

SummerWood Concessions

No concessions tonight due to the concert being brought inside.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Q Conference...

Here is a blurb taken from their website:

Q educates church and cultural leaders on their role and opportunity to embody the Gospel in public life.

We believe that exposure to old and new ideas is the best way to stimulate imagination for ways the Gospel can be expressed within our cultural context.

Q is coming to Chicago in a couple weeks. I graduated from MBI with one of the speakers. Check out some of the free online videos: David Crowder, Andy Stanley, Os Guinness and 40 others...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just realized why I like blogs. I am an idea guy, I like ideas, and blogs spark ideas for me. I get tech ideas, ideas for teaching, creative ideas to help students "get it." I don't mind expanding and reshaping other's ideas, creating the wheel is hard. My name is Brandon Early and I like blogs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Top 10 Android Apps I Wish Existed...

Hulu - Give us Flash Already!!!
Netflix live stream app (streams to your computer why not my Droid?)
Flash (coming soon)
Apple TV Remote and keyboard
I am T-Pain - Bring it!
DVD/Book/Video game scanner to create a digital library like THIS.
Kindle - Finally for my Mac
eBay - Ever hear of it?
X-Ray App - Turns your camera into an X-Ray machine
Wifi Hotspot - Turns phone in to a wifi hotspot (without rooting the phone)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Top 14 Favorite Non-Google Android Apps...

First let me say that everything Google does for this phone is amazing. Google maps is way better in the Droid due to the Navigator feature that is not on any other device (Android OS only). Google Voice is great for 3 main reasons; Free 2nd phone number, Free voicemail that gets transcribed (typed out for you), and Free text messaging...a 4th reason could be the perfect integration with the phone, it really is a great app. There are other great Google apps but I am sticking to top 14 non-Google apps. A friend asked if I will buy an iPhone if Verizon ever gets it. I told him that these 2 apps above will be really hard to today I say no. For what I use the Motorola Droid is the best phone on the market.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...In No Specific Order (all from the app store from my phone)

Top 14 Favorite Non-Google Android Apps...

Astrid - Todo list with timers
Seesmic - Twitter
Youversion - Bible
Advanced Task Manager - Stop apps one at a time of all (It's widget is why I like it)
Evernote - Remember Everything
Glympse - I can send an email link to let someone follow me via gps
Remote for iTunes - Remote for iTunes
Fake Call - Set a time for your phone to ring, looks like real call
Ringdroid - Create ringtones
TED - Video workshops from leading leaders
Shopsavvy - Best bar code reader/price checker
SportsTap - Great sports score app (better than Google's)
Monkey Kick Off - Dumb game...I play it for hours
Toddler Lock - Keeps the kids occupied at crucial moments

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Protecting the Droid

I have been waiting for a great discount at ZAGG for a Motorola Droid invisibleSHIELD. Check out this video to see how amazing this product is. This is some type of protective cover that is being used on helicopter blades. If I ever damage the invisibleSHIELD or it starts to peel they will replace it for free for life. Back to the discount, if you give them you email address for this iPad contest they will send you a 50% discount code. They have a lot of covers, check them out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tips for SYMC...

I am just thinking of a few tips to help you out while you are in Chicago.

TIP #1 Bring your Jack Bauer man bad (or some type of European carry-all). You are going to have your Bible, Participant Journal, Pen, Hotel Key, iPod, Headphones, Cell Phone, Water Bottle, Laptop, Moleskine, Deodorant, Backup Hotel Key, Gum, Chapstick, USB Thumb Drive, Digital Camera...and on top of all that you will need to leave room for all the stuff you pick up and purchase while you are at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I think the bookstore will have all Simply and Group products for 20% off.

TIP #2 Bring business cards and address stickers. This is a little nerdy and lazy but I hate filling out my address 100 time over the weekend...I have seen people stick a sticker on those forms…complete with Name, Address, Phone, and Email. The business cards are for may want to bring something to hold other peoples cards in so you don't lose them (or take a picture of it with you camera or cell phone and throw the card out).

TIP #3 Know what sessions and workshops you want to hit. With the conference sold out you want to get where you want to go so you get a seat...a good seat. For some of us that means back row aisle, for others that means front and center so I can actually smell Doug Fields. I hear the workshop I am leading on Tech will be in a room for about 60...last year I had over 100 at one session and 75-80 at the other...this means there will be standing room only for some workshop and others may have to turn away people for capacity. Know where you want to go, know how to get there, and show up early.

Hope this helps a little and gets you excited that we are only a few days away form our weekend together.

Monday, February 08, 2010

SYMC Connect

If you are a youth worker I hope you are coming to the SYMConference. This will be a great weekend! I would be great to have you join the conversation online right now before we even begin our time on location in Chicago. Connect with me HERE. Join the Senior High Affinity Group that I am leading HERE. If you are looking to connect with other areas of ministry search them HERE. Just resister FREE on this site and you have all access

I look forward to CONNECTing...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

QIK for Droid...Live Video App...

I am not sure how I want to use this but the options seem pretty cool.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Downtime and Encouragement for Youth Workers...

I am very excited to for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference coming up in February...that is like 6 weeks away. For me, this has been a great place to connect with God, network with other youth workers and to grow. Group has done a great job of making a BIG gathering of youth workers feel small. What I mean is I do not feel like I get lost in the crowed, I am able to connect with the speakers and workshop leaders, I actually saw Kurt Johnston last year and he said, "Hey, I know are you doing?" My senior pastor doesn't even do that...thanks Kurt! Please come and spend time with others who are interested in your spiritual success as well as seeing you succeed at loving students for the Kingdom!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top 5 Worst Android Apps...

Let's start with the bad. There have been a few bumps in the road the past few days. I have noticed that some apps seem to crash, apps that have high ratings and apps that people really like. For example Twitdroid worked for about 2 hours and then it "force closed" on my every time I opened it. I uninstalled and re-installed and it kept doing it so I would another twitter app that I think is perfect for my needs. I am finding that not all Adroid phones fun all android apps...while the open nature of app creating helps have tons of apps this seems to be an issue...not huge but there are some apps that say wont work of Droid or know issues on Nexus One. The battery life is good for the amount of time I have been using it but I need to figure out how to extend the like.

The Droid also is missing some features I depended on with past phones like name dialing (T9 style dial/search). If I were going to call my friend Joel and if his name and number were in my contacts all I would need to dial is 5635 (J-O-E-L) and all the names that those number represented would pop up. I have to scroll through all my contacts now...I am searching for an app that will do this for me.

A great feature is that the phone downloaded all the facebook status pics for all my friends in my contacts. It also downloaded all the cell numbers from facebook, even created new contact entries for numbers that were on facebook that I did not have in my phone. The bad thing is I have about 20 friends named Brandon Early and every time I call the Church office (which is under "Brandon Early Work) I call an guy named Brandon Early. This is just a new form of evangelism I guess.

Anyway, the phone has been great...not a ton I would change other than more and better app. But with the open source nature of Google they are coming.

On to the 10 worst apps I have tried (in no specific order):
Mahjong - The one I used did not fit on the screen and I lost interest
Metal Detector - Supposedly this app uses something in the phone to detect metal...useless unless I start patting down people at an airport.
TV GUIDE USA - While very cool that it showed me every channel that I get it did not have a feature to search forward to what is on 3 hours form now.
Clock Programs - This is pretty general but I have tried a few apps that function as night alarm clocks and all are either to bright or have lame functions. I found that the Motorola docks have magnets in them to trigger their special Dock Clock (there is no native app for this) and the car mount. Watch this.
TunesRemote - I just cannot get it to loops in pairing more

Off to Snow Camp Friday...I will write about my favorite apps when I get back

New Cell Phone...

Yes, I got a new cell phone. I was using the HTC Imagio, very iPhone like (by like I mean look alike). The phone was running Windows Mobile 6.5 and was the best phone I have ever used. It was face, it had 9 home screens at the touch of your thumb, and a kick stand...seriously. The only thing wrong with it are the buttons at the bottom of the phone. They went bad on 4 different phones. Yes I went through 4 and after the 4th phone broke they decided to put me in a different model. They tried to put me in a phone that was half the price but I reminded them that was lame and requested the Motorola Droid.

I read an article a couple months ago the said the iPhone killer won't be a phone, it will be an app store. Even though Windows Mobile has bee out for years they have the worst apps. This Droid has so many useless app that I just do not know how I lived without. I have had my Droid for about 48 hours and it is amazing.

My next few posts will be about the phone apps. I will give my "Top 10 Favorite Apps", "Top 10 Worst Apps", and "Top 10 Apps I Wish Were."

But to tide both of my blog readers over until then check out this video. The Droid is the first mobile phone with Flash 10. It is not out yet but it sounds like it will be the first. Hulu here I come.