Thursday, January 07, 2010

Top 5 Worst Android Apps...

Let's start with the bad. There have been a few bumps in the road the past few days. I have noticed that some apps seem to crash, apps that have high ratings and apps that people really like. For example Twitdroid worked for about 2 hours and then it "force closed" on my every time I opened it. I uninstalled and re-installed and it kept doing it so I would another twitter app that I think is perfect for my needs. I am finding that not all Adroid phones fun all android apps...while the open nature of app creating helps have tons of apps this seems to be an issue...not huge but there are some apps that say wont work of Droid or know issues on Nexus One. The battery life is good for the amount of time I have been using it but I need to figure out how to extend the like.

The Droid also is missing some features I depended on with past phones like name dialing (T9 style dial/search). If I were going to call my friend Joel and if his name and number were in my contacts all I would need to dial is 5635 (J-O-E-L) and all the names that those number represented would pop up. I have to scroll through all my contacts now...I am searching for an app that will do this for me.

A great feature is that the phone downloaded all the facebook status pics for all my friends in my contacts. It also downloaded all the cell numbers from facebook, even created new contact entries for numbers that were on facebook that I did not have in my phone. The bad thing is I have about 20 friends named Brandon Early and every time I call the Church office (which is under "Brandon Early Work) I call an guy named Brandon Early. This is just a new form of evangelism I guess.

Anyway, the phone has been great...not a ton I would change other than more and better app. But with the open source nature of Google they are coming.

On to the 10 worst apps I have tried (in no specific order):
Mahjong - The one I used did not fit on the screen and I lost interest
Metal Detector - Supposedly this app uses something in the phone to detect metal...useless unless I start patting down people at an airport.
TV GUIDE USA - While very cool that it showed me every channel that I get it did not have a feature to search forward to what is on 3 hours form now.
Clock Programs - This is pretty general but I have tried a few apps that function as night alarm clocks and all are either to bright or have lame functions. I found that the Motorola docks have magnets in them to trigger their special Dock Clock (there is no native app for this) and the car mount. Watch this.
TunesRemote - I just cannot get it to loops in pairing more

Off to Snow Camp Friday...I will write about my favorite apps when I get back