Wednesday, December 01, 2010


About a month ago I noticed that when I was downloading several large files my router would crash. I am a tech guy, I write tech articles, tech blogs so I figured I can fix this no problem. I reset my router and was on my way. The problem is my home network kept crashing. I was in the process of downloading several video podcast and this network failure was driving me crazy! I would use the download manager that came with Firefox and every time the network went down the files needed to be redownloaded from the beginning (Yes, if I have 500meg of a 600meg file downloaded it would have to start all over again). Then I tried a Firefox extension that would download multiple files at once and when the system went down this extension pick up downloading where it left off...but I would need to be at the computer to "resume" the download...Annoying.

And them came I do not remember how I can across, probably in a Google search but I found what I needed. Their product "Speed Download" worked in every way I needed. It downloads multiple files and will pick up downloading where it left off if I need to close up shop and leave my wifi connection or experience a network failure. "Speed Download" is pretty quick too. I like that if I am downloading several large files that they will be on my computer, complete, when I wake up...not a screen that says Download failed.

I have used their free trial and if you are downloading multiple files at once you should try out "Speed Download" from